Traffic Relief Coming to Fallbrook

A series of major improvements are scheduled to be made to Ammunition Road in Fallbrook, following months of collaboration between Supervisor Bill Horn, the County Department of Public Works, Congressman Darrell Issa’s office, members of the Fallbrook Community Planning Group, concerned citizens, and officials from the Naval Weapons Station (NWS) and Camp Pendleton.

During rush hours, military personnel driving toward the Naval Weapons Station (NWS) on Ammunition Road in Fallbrook caused long delays on surrounding streets. The single access lane to the base, the nearby elementary school, the timing of traffic signals, and the lack of space to widen Ammunition Road were contributing factors.

Following several meetings, Public Works staff determined that traffic could be cut in half by restriping, adding parking restrictions along certain portions of the road, and modifying traffic signal timing. Several of the improvements were made and traffic decreased immediately.

Supervisor Horn said “Reducing congestion in a situation like this can be like peeling an onion. There were several layers of solution to this problem, and each was the responsibility of a different government entity. It’s rare to see this level of coordination between separate governments and agencies.”

The Marines recently announced funding to add a second access lane at the gate to NWS, which will cut the traffic in half again, after the County’s improvements. The second lane is expected to be in place by April 2012.

Congressman Issa said “The improvements that will be made to Ammunition Road are a testament to local, state and federal officials working together to achieve a common goal. The result of this effort is a project that we hope will reduce considerably the traffic congestion in and around the Fallbrook Gate, and provide a measure of relief for residents, businesses and workers traveling to and from the base.”

The last of these adjustments are scheduled to be put before the Board of Supervisors for approval in the coming months. The County also applied for State grant funding under the Safe Routes to School Program to provide new sidewalks for children using Ammunition Road to get to school.