SAN DIEGO – Fifth District Supervisor Bill Horn today expressed his agreement with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s call for the California Attorney General to investigate the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

Horn said, “If allegations of criminal acts, including slavery and human smuggling in San Diego County shown on news video by independent filmmakers are true, those responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If any of the allegations prove to be factual, ACORN should no longer receive taxpayer dollars.” Horn added, “Coverage by the national media has put a black mark on our region and we have an obligation to find the truth.”

Horn also joined in supporting Tony Krvaric, chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County who called for a forensic audit of all voter registration cards in San Diego County solicited or submitted by ACORN in 2008.

“When two-thirds of all voter registration cards in the State turned in by ACORN (26,513 out of 39,000) came from San Diego County,” Horn said, “there is a strong possibility ACORN targeted two key local races last year to boost Democratic registration. The public deserves to know if those registrations were legal or if voter fraud was involved locally and if this has national implications.”

Supervisor Horn has been a longtime supporter of photo voter identification requirements during voter registration and before an individual can vote at the polls.

“There is no objection when photo ID is required to rent a movie or cash a check,” said Horn. “I see no reason for people to resist showing a photo ID that will ensure the integrity of our elections and protect democracy at the polls.”

Supervisor Horn called on ACORN to assist local law enforcement agencies with all information they have regarding their employees involvement in human slave/sex trafficking for an impartial investigation.

“I appreciate statements from ACORN officials that they are looking into their practices,” said Horn. “However, when there are potential criminal charges, law enforcement must take the lead and I support all efforts to find answers we must know.”

Media note: Supervisor Horn is available for further media comment.

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Media and Communications Director
Supervisor Bill Horn
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