• I want to express my deep sympathies to those who have lost property during the fires that have ravaged North County. I also want to say how proud I am of the tremendous job public safety people have done responding with heroism to save lives and property under near-combat conditions.
  • As I have been out and about in the Fifth District, visiting Fallbrook three times and helping to arrange for supplies for an unofficial emergency shelter at Valley Center High School, I’ve been impressed with the performance of law enforcement personnel on the local, state and federal levels as well as volunteers
  • I was able to work with Pete Smith of the Rancho Santa Fe Association in assessing the initial damage done to that historic area
  • Today, Supervisor Jacob and I asked the Board to waive fees for permits of those who will need to rebuild in the unincorporated areas of our county and asked that the building process be expedited for fire victims. They unanimously agreed.
  • We expect to announce Local Assistance Centers established in key North County locations shortly
  • Two years ago I made it the focal point of my year as Chairman of the Board to improve the level of our emergency preparedness. The past few days have shown that our Office of Emergency Services, under the leadership of Ron Lane has demonstrated to the world, a level of response not seen before; one of remarkable communications, compassion and life-saving results.
  • I want to thank thousands of citizens for their outpouring of kindness to those in need. I appreciate the leadership of such people as Valley Center High School principal Ron McCowan and Tom Baumgartner from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Downtown Fallbrook is still in one piece and most of the Village was saved by fire crews and the leadership of Eileen and Phil Delaney, Bob Leonard who went to the aid of their neighbors
  • Our fire departments, regular and volunteer; including De Luz, Palomar Mountain and North County Fire District are still on the lines working tirelessly to put the fires out
  • Chairman Ron Roberts has shown great leadership and I have been in contact with him as he has coordinated the effort with federal, state and local officials. This afternoon at 4 PM, I will appear at a news briefing at the Office of Emergency Services to give my perspective on North County.
  • When it is safe for people to return to their homes, we will give out specific information as fast as we can
  • I am so proud to be your Supervisor and to be with you during this catastrophic event. Together we will rebuild and together we will return our North County to the gem it was before the fires. God bless all of you.