SAN DIEGO – The County Board of Supervisors, today unanimously approved a recommendation by Fifth District Supervisor Bill Horn, which directs the County Library Director to implement changes that control “R”-rated DVDS and videos at its 33 library branches and two bookmobiles.

“After receiving concerns from parents that children under the age of 18 have been checking out “R- rated DVDs and videos without their consent,” said Supervisor Horn, “we took action to make sure there is a system in place that allows parents to exercise their rights in doing what is best for their under age children.”

The new policy changes video check-out procedures, forms, and management of software to provide an option for parents to restrict their children’s access to “R”-rated video materials. The change will result in a one-time cost of $5,800 for re-cataloging “R”-rated materials and forms and an annual ongoing cost of $500 for forms.

Parents will be able to restrict access by checking a box on the child’s library card application form, either online or in the library. The new library card application is being developed and will be available at library branches within 60 days.

For additional information: Nancy Saint John, County Library PIO, 858 694-3833.

In other board action, the County Board of Supervisors, today unanimously approved an appropriation of $750,000 from the County’s First 5 Commission Proposition 10 funding to strengthen the Foster Care Safety Net Initiative and services for Polinsky Children’s Center.

“The urgency to advocate for children who are abused, neglected or abandoned has never been greater,” said Supervisor Horn. “I commend my fellow Supervisors for joining me in their support to look out for children under the age of five who need our protection.”

For more information: Holly Crawford, HHSA PIO, 619 515-6922