SAN DIEGO – The San Diego County Board of Supervisors today approved the first comprehensive vegetation management program for County-owned land.

Fifth District Supervisor Bill Horn, who brought the idea forward in May of 2008, praised the cooperative efforts of County staff, fire-fighting agencies, community leaders and environmental groups. “The new vegetation management report moves us forward and makes way for a tremendous public safety improvement for every citizen in San Diego County, especially those who live in North and East County where the fire danger is the highest.”

The report calls for a study of the most fire prone and high priority areas in need of clearing and thinning. The results of the plan will address all methods of managing brush; controlled burns, mastication, hand clearing, plant and tree removal, and fire safe landscaping.

Supervisor Horn said, “Having this report in place, the County can now more easily partner with other agencies to secure grant funding to develop and implement plans in high-priority areas.”

The report addresses the challenge of development that is adjacent to open spaces. Many wildfires begin in rural areas that are thick with dead, diseased or dying brush and trees and then move into residential neighborhoods.

“This report is the backbone and a blueprint for how vegetation management will be conducted in this County,” said Supervisor Horn. “It is an important step forward.”

Click here to read the report (pdf)

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