SAN DIEGO - The San Diego County Board of Supervisors today unanimously supported Vice Chairman Bill Horn’s recommendation to support the Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010. The action endorses a bond proposal on the November 2010 ballot that would provide much needed funding to help fix the State’s broken water system.

“Water is the life blood of our existence,” said Horn. “It is the foundation for agriculture, business and every day life. With passage of the bond measure, San Diego County stands to gain $227 million in dedicated funding, which includes money for projects that include local reservoirs, supply reliability, and environmental protection and restoration. There is also $1 billion for recycling and seawater desalination.”

San Diego County imports more than 85% of its water from the Colorado River and State Water Projects, and the County’s imported water supplies are threatened by environmental and legal restraints. The record-setting drought conditions in Southern California and along the Colorado River and the court-ordered shutdown of the State Water Project pumps have significantly reduced our local imported water supply.

“The bond measure is an expensive proposition, considering the state’s current bond indebtedness,” Horn said. “However, this is exactly the type of improvement the state should be funding. It would be an investment necessary to secure a reliable source of water for future generations and hopefully, one day, water independence.”

“By approving this investment in new infrastructure,” Horn said, “the voters will create jobs in construction and engineering and also put thousands of people back to work on our farms.”

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