Board of Supervisors 2017

Public Safety:


E-Verify is an online program that both the private and public sector can use to determine if a prospective employee is eligible for legal employment in the United States. The recommendations in this board letter, direct the Chief Administrative Officer to explore the feasibility of the County utilizing E-Verify during the hiring process.

Sex Offender Alert System

This is a report from County staff based on an earlier board letter by Supervisor Horn. It outlines the feasibility of a sex offender email alert service and pin map.

Chelsea King Memorial Bridge

Naming two well-traveled sections of highway in North County after Chelsea King and Amber Dubois will ensure that their lives and legacies are not forgotten.

Sexual Predator Email Alert System

The County provides an abundance of information on its websites. An email alert system and a San Diego County Sexual Predator Pin Map would increase community awareness of these dangerous predators and ensure that these criminals are properly monitored throughout the County.

North County Gang Commission

Gang suppression by law enforcement is not enough. We need to have experts who will partner and bring communities together. The children and families of North County deserve the chance to live in safe neighborhoods.

Study to Estimate the Cost of Illegal Immigration

San Diego County, with Mexico at its southern border, is adversely affected by the tide of illegal immigrants entering the United States. According to a 2000 San Diego State University report, the annual cost of providing law enforcement, criminal justice services, and emergency medical care to criminal illegal immigrants in San Diego County is more than $50 million annually. Although that number has likely increased, it is unknown by how much.

Cost of Undocumented Immigrants to the County

On May 9, 2006 this Board voted unanimously to investigate the cost of illegal immigration on the County’s budget. A study of that information was completed in September of this year by Dr. John Weeks and Dr. David Eisenberg. The numbers are astounding.

Stop Identity Theft Campaign

Identity theft remains the fastest growing white-collar crime in the nation. Thousands of identity theft victims reside in San Diego County. Education and community involvement in attacking this problem are essential.

WRAP Campaign

Pornography is the silent destroyer of families. It corrupts the user’s relationship with his/her spouse, children, co-workers and the community. It is addictive, progressive and as we have seen in the conviction of David Westerfield, it can lead to the murder of a child.

Retaining San Diego's Military Presence

The next round of Base Realignment and Closure is scheduled to occur. In preparation the County and its contractors have prepared two studies that convey the social and economic impacts of the military and defense industry in San Diego. It is imperative that these findings are conveyed to local legislatures to enable them to fight to retain San Diego’s military presence.

Drug Task Force Action Plan

The Board of Supervisors approved several recommendations brought forward by myself and the Sheriff that would attack the growing health problems caused by certain types of emerging drugs that are frequently used by teens and young adults. To begin to address this problem, a contract with the San Diego Prevention Coalition was established to develop a public awareness campaign and a Drug Task Force Action Plan.

Getting Tough on Adult Entertainment Establishments

The public has a right to know when an adult entertainment establishment is proposed for a location in their community. Deficiencies in the current ordinance must be corrected, and all additional measures should be explored and implemented to give the highest level of protection to unincorporated citizens from the adverse impacts of Adult Entertainment Establishments.

Land Use:
Formation of the Red Tape Reduction Task Force

Over the past several years, the County’s Department of Planning and Land Use has been undergoing business process reengineering. While the Department has made great strides, we believe that more can be done with the help of an independent task force.

Red Tape Reduction Task Force Recommendations

On April 13, 2011, the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution establishing the Red Tape Reduction Task Force. The purpose of the Task Force was to evaluate the land development permitting process and identify any areas for improvement that would reduce both the time and costs associated with obtaining a permit. Their mission was to “Provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors that will streamline land use permitting processes for Land Use and Environment Group (LUEG) customers and maintain the County’s goal of providing safe, livable communities.”

Options for Updating Equine Regulations

Equestrian facilities and activities have long been a significant component of our backcountry’s culture. In response to the equine community’s request, Supervisor Dianne Jacob and I directed staff to work with them and any other interested parties to investigate options that would protect and promote equestrian operations while ensuring we have reasonable permit fees and regulations.

Wireless Smart Growth

As a result of a joint board letter, County Staff developed a new framework for implementing smart wireless growth in the County.

Carlsbad Desalination Project

San Diego County imports more than 85% of its water from the Colorado River and State Water Project. Due to recent drought conditions, the County is facing shortages and reductions in the imported water supply. The Carlsbad Desalination Project will provide the region with 50 million gallons per day (56,000 acre-feet-per-year) of high-quality, environmentally-sensitive, drinking water.

Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group

Borrego Springs is a small unincorporated community in the County of San Diego.

Bonsall Sponsor Group

Members of the Bonsall Sponsor Group and Design Review Board have requested that Supervisor Horn seek an amendment to the Administrative Code to combine the two entities.

Protect Agriculture in San Diego County

AgNet is a proposed one-year pilot program designed to increase communication and incorporate the efforts of several County departments, local law enforcement, other agencies, and the agricultural community in fighting crimes that impact agriculture in San Diego County.

Heritage Trails Approved for Valley Center

Heritage Trails is a great example of private citizens working with the County of San Diego to beautify and bring significant improvements for Valley Center. This construction project received generous donations from the Valley Center community and the Rincon Tribe of Indians.

Fire Safety:
State Responsibility Area (SRA) Fire Tax Legislation

This Board Letter supports Assembly Bill 1519, which would eliminate the civil penalty imposed for an unpaid fire prevention fee, and Senate Bill 832, which would exempt property owners from paying the SRA fee on any structure that has been damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster. The Board Letter also adds support for any future State legislation that repeals, reduces, or exempts all or specific populations and areas from payment of the SRA fee.

Local Fire Protection

Reinvestment into the community is vital to maintaining organizations that provide a service to the citizens of San Diego County. This action today will assist fire protection districts within the Fifth District in providing the services that are vital to protecting our citizens.

Oppose Cutting $20 Million in Fire Funding

The Governor’s budget proposal includes a cut of $20 million in State funding from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection's (CDF) budget. He is counting on local jurisdictions to pay for this cut by reimbursing the State through a cost sharing plan. Today's action will declare the County's opposition to the CDF budget cut.

Acquisition of a Fire Safety Helicopter

At the request of Supervisor Roberts and Supervisor Horn, the Board of Supervisors directed the Chief Administrative Officer to explore the creation of a governing body that would oversee the operation of a fire and life safety helicopter. The Board also directed the Chief Administrative Officer to explore funding options to acquire, staff and maintain a fire and life safety helicopter that would be permanently based in San Diego County.

Giving Firefighters a Lift

In 2007, San Diego County experienced its second devastating firestorm in four years. This latest round of fires charred more than 360,000 acres, destroying approximately 1,700 homes and killing 10 people. Now that the smoke has cleared, as a region we must again explore ways to enhance our ability to prevent, prepare for, and respond to these fires so that we can diminish their impacts.

Vegetation Management

The new vegetation management report moves us forward and makes way for a tremendous public safety improvement for every citizen in San Diego County, especially those who live in North and East County where the fire danger is the highest.

Emergency Services:
The Red Guide to Recovery

The Red Guide to Recovery is a pocket-sized 184-page resource handbook for disaster survivors to help victims cope with the loss and put them back on their feet to rebuild. The booklet is the idea of San Diegan Sean Scott who presented a working copy to Supervisor Horn.

Coordination, Partnership, and Seamless Emergency Services

The Fallbrook Fire was managed well during and after the event by the responding emergency agencies. After every fire it is wise to evaluate all levels of service. The elements of an emergency are: Event, Response, Recovery, Mitigation and Prevention. It is in these areas that we need to look at coordination, partnership and seamless services at all levels including fire, medical, and law enforcement.

Preparing for the Next Disaster

A Board of Supervisors Conference was held to discuss what could be done to prepare for the next disaster.

Power Generation During Emergency

This item will give support for H.R. 1075 authored by Congressman Duncan Hunter to allow any business or individual in any State experiencing a power emergency to operate any type of power generation available to ensure their economic stability, and for other purposes.

Partnership to Protect North County Home Buyers

This board letter creates an information sharing partnership with the North San Diego County Association of Realtors, giving them 5,000 copies of the Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide to distribute to all new home buyers. It also provides access to the emergency guide for future needs.

Disaster Recovery

Although San Diego County is in many ways an ideal place to live, it is also a region at risk for several natural disasters, including wildfires and earthquakes. This action will take our region’s disaster preparedness efforts to the next level through the establishment of an “Advanced Post-Disaster Recovery Initiative.”

Support of President and Military

After September 11, 2001, when 3,000 Americans were killed in an attack on the United States, President Bush responded to threats against America and our allies with resolve and decisive action. Many of the military troops first sent to the Middle East in Operation Enduring Freedom were from San Diego County. Those valiant American men and women have been joined by thousands of others from San Diego County.

Support of President in 9-11 Aftermath

The brutal, cowardly attack by terrorists on our nation on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 has left us individually and corporately shocked and saddened. The incredible loss of human life is beyond comprehension. It is vital that we maintain our National Resolve; that the American spirit remains strong; and our Republic preserved. It is in that spirit that this request is made to approve a Resolution in support of the President of the United States, George W. Bush, as he leads America through this time of crisis and sorrow to victory.

Wildfire Victims Eligible for Permit Fee Waivers

In 2002, the Board of Supervisors amended the San Diego County Administrative Code to waive permit fees for rebuilding structures damaged by natural disasters. As a result, when a natural disaster occurs, the Board of Supervisors may adopt a resolution identifying the geographic area affected by the disaster that is eligible for fee waivers.

Community Services:

Displaying the flags of our County, State, and nation at County-owned buildings would not only help visitors identify our facilities, it also shows allegiance to the principles upon which this country was founded. This board letter will direct the CAO to create a policy where none existed before so that flagpoles are installed at all future County facilities.

Leave No Veteran Behind

The Board of Supervisors remains committed to helping our veterans who have risked their lives for our country. The Board Conference and actions will reinforce the County’s commitment to supporting and helping our veterans.

Faith Community Partnership Initiative

The partnering of San Diego County with the Faith Community has been truly innovative. In 1996, partly at the behest of Supervisor Bill Horn and the County Board of Supervisors, Congress integrated language into the Welfare Reform legislation that included the concept of Charitable Choice. Beginning in 1998, the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency began the Faith Community Partnership Initiative.

Filtering Library Computers

For more than six years, this Board of Supervisors has taken strong action to be vigilant when it comes to library patrons who access pornographic or illicit material on the Internet at County Libraries. The Board has in place one of the strictest Internet access polices in the nation and continues to strive to strengthen ways to protect our children from exposure to pornography, the effects of which can be damaging, even fatal.

Tools for Community Initiatives

The County of San Diego’s Health and Human Services funded a pilot model, “The San Diego Faith-Based Initiative.” The purpose of funding this Initiative was to develop a partnership model that would result in a united faith community helping to create stronger families, healthier children and united communities.

Planning for Fallbrook Library

These recommendations would authorize the Chief Administrative Officer to identify funding, develop a funding plan, take any other necessary planning activities relating to the Fallbrook Library capital project, and to return to the Board with appropriate action items.

Historic Marker for Minter’s Ranch Affair

Though there were no Civil War battles occurring in California, there was an armed conflict between Confederate and Union forces at the foot of Angel Mountain in northern San Diego County. Since ultimately no shots were fired, this action has been classed as an “affair.” The site of the incident is unmarked.

Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America has a long, distinguished record of character building for boys and young adults, training them in the responsibilities of citizenship, encouraging and strengthening leadership skills and service to their fellow man.

Reservation Transportation Authority

This report requests Board support for legislation that will be proposed for introduction at the request of the Reservation Transportation Authority (RTA), a consortium of Southern California tribes. The proposed legislation would dedicate a fixed percentage of the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund to transportation and mitigation projects on and off the tribal lands of gaming tribes. Successful passage of the proposed RTA legislation could provide a dependable source of revenue to help Indian gaming tribes address significant transportation and related issues that will arise as casinos are constructed.

Veterans Day

In recognition of the selfless contributions our veterans have made in securing and preserving our nation’s freedom, this is to request approval of a Resolution celebrating Veterans Day and designating a week for Veterans Awareness and Appreciation Week in San Diego County.

Memorial Day 2002

Every Memorial Day we have the opportunity to pay tribute to the brave men and women of our nation who paid with their lives so that we, their posterity, might enjoy the freedom they so valiantly preserved for us. Many today think of Memorial Day weekend as a day for the races or the beach or just an extra day off from work and have no idea of the history of the day itself. Support of the Memorial Day Resolution will assist citizens throughout San Diego County to understand the true significance of the day.

Memorial Day 2003

Memorial Day is an opportunity to pay tribute to the brave men and women of our nation who paid with their lives so that we might enjoy the freedom they so valiantly preserved for us. Support of the Memorial Day Resolution will assist citizens throughout San Diego County to understand the true significance of the day.

R-Rated DVDs

It has always been the County’s policy to permit library patrons of all ages to access all available library materials. All children under the age of 18 must have a parent’s permission in order to obtain a library card. Given that County Library branches make DVDs and videos which have been given an “R” rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) available for children to check out, it is the County’s responsibility to ensure that parents are made aware of and actively consent to this policy.

San Diego County Water Rates

Southern California’s largest purveyor of potable water is overcharging the San Diego County Water Authority, exposing local ratepayers to tens of millions of dollars annually in disproportionate costs.

Coalition for Electricity Independence Action Plan

Approval of this item would express the Board of Supervisors’ support for the Coalition for Electricity Independence’s action plan to resolve the electricity crisis.

Landscape and Lighting Act Policy

The Landscape and Lighting Act of 1972 authorizes counties, cities, and special districts to form districts for purposes including maintenance of landscaping, streetlights, parks, and open space. While the County currently uses the Act for organization of the Countywide Street Lighting District, it does not have a clear policy for the use of such districts for other state-authorized purposes.

Rolling Blackout Reduction Program

California faces a severe financial as well as health and safety crisis with the continued threat of rolling blackouts. It is expected that California will suffer through 35 days’ worth of blackouts. However, San Diego has already begun to experience blackouts.

Solar Power System Installation

The County is subject to increasing cost of electrical energy and lack of supply in the region. The County is seeking various approaches to offset outages and participate in improving service throughout County facilities. This is a request to authorize, in accordance with Board Policy A-87, Competitive Procurement, issuance of a Request for Proposals and award of a contract to install solar power collection devices for the purpose of supplementing the electrical energy available to the grid at peak usage during summer months by supplying solar power to County facilities.

Public Works:
California High Speed Rail

The Safe, Reliable, High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act for the 21st Century provides for the issuance of $9 billion in general obligation bonds for high-speed rail purposes and $950 million for other related rail purposes. Assembly Bill 1455 (AB 1455) would reduce the amount of bonded indebtedness allowed under the Act for high-speed rail purposes while not impacting the $950 million for local rail projects.

Palomar Runway

McClellan-Palomar Airport, located in the City of Carlsbad, is a County owned airport that covers an area of 487 acres, with a single runway measuring 4,897 feet. Palomar Airport has been upgraded significantly over the past several years. At the request of airport lessees and aviation stakeholders, and with the support of key members in the City of Carlsbad, the recommendation below asks that the County conduct a feasibility study that will thoroughly examine the question of whether or not the Palomar Airport runway can be extended.

Rancho Santa Fe Road

As traffic grows on our freeways and highways ulterior routes have become more congested which cause delays to commuters. Rancho Santa Fe Road is one route which has seen an exponential increase in traffic.

Health & Human Services:
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), administered in San Diego County by the Health and Human Services Agency, is a federal benefit program with the purpose of providing improved levels of nutrition to low-income households while also strengthening the local economy.

Finance & General Government:
Fair and Open Competition

The County of San Diego is a leader in creating efficient government by using innovation to deliver services, build public projects, and improve infrastructure in a responsible manner that protects taxpayers. By utilizing core competencies of government and the strengths of the private sector, the County has remained fiscally sound during economic crisis.

New Connection with Public

This recommendation is to explore the feasibility of purchasing and implementing a free web site email subscription service that would allow customers to receive specific information from County departments.